Sunday, 23 February 2014

CoTW: Front Wrap Cross Carry

This week's Carry of the Week is Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).
I remember the first time I saw FWCC (it was also the first time I saw a woven).  I was at a crowded event and I had Hudson in the Moby wrap.  I ran into a woman who was in my mom and baby yoga class.   She had her baby in a beautiful woven in fwcc with the cross passes gathered at the sides.   It looked beautiful and made me feel like I was slumming it in my plain black Moby (not really).

I love this carry not only for how pretty it looks but also for the snuggles it allows.  For my fussy guy, this is our go to carry when he needs cuddles.  As long as Riel will allow it, I will wrap him regulstly in FWCC.  
This is a great beginner carry and its great for squishes.  You will need a 5+ wrap for this carry, depending on your size (I use a 6).  

Photo credit: Billi Grisdale-Briski
Wraps: top left - Natibaby UFO, bottom left - Pavo Hearts of Stone; right - Natibaby Gears Grassy
Check out Babywearing Faith's instructions for FWCC:

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