Monday, 3 March 2014

MSM: Meg's Stash

Hi! Here's a glimpse of what we use for wearing our babe around the Deresti household.

Size 5 Didymos Standard Blu/Nature striped, 100% cotton was my first woven wrap. It was the wrap I learned on, and it's probably the longest wrap I’ll own. It was given to me by a friend, and is soft, floppy, and forgiving.
Size 4 Didymos Millefiori Natural, 50% cotton, 50% silk. I bought this wrap about 4 days before my wedding off the Canadian Swap from a mama who express shipped it from Edmonton. I was hemming and hawing about what Helen should do during the ceremony, and at 5 months old, I knew she really wouldn’t be happy without being close to us. I’m so glad I wore her. She was fussing and crying the whole time we were getting ready, but in the 10 minutes before I walked down the aisle, she fell asleep on my back, only waking briefly to listen to the vows. It was probably everyones' favourite part of the ceremony, as no one was expecting me to wear her, and many people had never seen a wrap before. I don’t wear this wrap much, but there is so much sentimental value attached, I will have a hard time passing it along! Its a good wrap: soft, a little bit grippy, easy to wrap with.

Size 2.5 Didymos Lila Hemp Indio, 60% cotton, 40% hemp. I knew I wanted a shortie for a while, and I ordered this a few weeks before Christmas off the swap and stalked the mailman carefully. He finally arrived! I was so excited to try it out, but before I could open the package I had to run upstairs to deal with a diaper. Unfortunately, my husband came home unexpectedly just then, and swiped my wrap away, to be hidden until Christmas. Oh well, it just made opening it on Christmas morning that much better. I love it. After owning this, I don’t think I’ll ever purchase a wrap longer than a 3 ever again. I’ll keep my 5 for a new babe eventually, but for back wrapping, hip carries, and the occasional kangaroo, shorties are where it’s at. We use it every day. I like using it with rings to tie off if I have them handy. The previous owner washed and ironed it to help soften it up, but really didn’t use it. Its breaking in nicely and is only getting softer.

Retro Bikes Toddler Tula. I bought this mostly for daddy, but I use it occasionally. Its still a bit big for Helen, but we sinch the bottom of it with a bandanna so she doesn’t overspread her legs. It’s a good carrier for sure!

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