Sunday, 30 March 2014

CoTW: Shepherd's Carry

by Meg Deresti

Welcome to the carry of the week, the shorty love edition.
Short wraps do take some practice, but I love them because they are cooler, faster to tie, and easier not to drag on the floor.
For the carry of the week this week, I would like to show you one of my favourite short woven wrap carries, Shepherd'ss Carry. It’s a great short carry, kind of reminiscent of Double Hammock because of the chest pass. I’ve been showing it to mamas who are pregnant lately, as it is a fantastic carry to keep all the weight up above your belly. It also doesn’t have ruck straps so its great to have full arm range of motion. Its generally done with your base -2 size, so usually with a size 2, 3 or 4 wrap. I’m using the lending library's size 2 DIY 100% linen wrap here, which is a touch small for this carry, but I wanted to show off the awesome dye job by Jo Ann Bonnick of Blue Hibou. It’s also pulling up more than usual, because this wrap is a little bit grippier than I’m used to.
I am also in desperate need of a photographer and perhaps models to help me make the library wraps more attractive. If you’ve got skills you would like to volunteer let me know!!!

The pass sequence goes like this:
With short tail over one shoulder, form a rebozo pass, then a chest pass pinning the short tail to your chest, and another rebozo pass to your other shoulder.  Secure with a square or slip knot.
Here is a tutorial I like. Faith ties off with a slipknot, but I usually just do a square knot. I think I’ll be trying the slipknot more often now though!

P.S. If you like this carry but aren’t sold on the bulky knot or the way the chest pass feels on your chest (like its being pulled up), look up Double Hammock Double Rings. If I could keep track of my rings it would be my very favourite carry, but I always seem to be losing them. It’s also awesome to pin down pesky arms quickly if your little angel decides to turn into a hair pulling maniac at 11 pm and you haven’t slept in forever and are at your wits end. Not that my little angel ever does that. . .  I use medium sling rings for my medium weight wraps.
I can’t find a video I love for this carry, but check out this daddy wrapping!

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