Monday, 31 March 2014

MSM: Billi's stash

I am a Cancer, born in July.  Cancers are very loyal.  A short time ago my stash was almost entirely Natibaby.  That was my brand.  Then I got a Pavo.  Suddenly all my Natis were gone and I now have several Pavos.  Oooops ;)


After a few months of suffering from "buy all the wraps!", I am now in destash mode and many of these are for sale.
So here is my stash as it stands right now in order of most used to least used:

Tula standard semi wrap conversion of Didymos Chestnut.    I love this carrier for quick ups where I don't want to wrap for fear of getting my wrap dirty, etc.  Now that I've finally learned to back carry in it, I love it even more.  It's so easy to use and comfy for both me and baby.

Size 7 Natibaby Shiny Sky linen cotton blend (bottom wrap).  This is one of two wraps released on Riel's birthday.  I wasn't going to buy it because I bought the other wrap that was released on his birthday, but it came up on the swap for a really good deal.  It has become my everyday wrap, the one that I can wear when cooking, cleaning, or painting with my 3 year old because I'm not afraid to get it dirty (since it didn't cost me a ton).  It's great for fwcc and fcc.

Pavo Gotham Steel 4 all cotton (all Pavos are 100% cotton except Etini Flax).  This is my newest love and believe me it is LOVE.  This is the perfect ruck wrap.  It's so supportive and I love the design.  I am currently ISO more colourways of Gotham (size 6+).

Pavo Hearts of Stone 7.  This is the first Pavo I fell in love with and I was so happy when a sweet mama agreed to sell it to me on a short payment plan.  Hearts of Stone was released during the first round of Pavo Hearts, along with Hearts of Ice and Hearts of Glass.  This wrap is thin and soft.  When I finally learn  how to double hammock, it'll be in this wrap.

Pavo Etini Holly 6.  This is actually the first Pavo I purchased.  Around Christmas time everyone was going crazy for Holly and Pointsetta.  They were HSA.  A lady was selling her Holly and was holding a draw to purchase for retail.  I entered thinking there's no way I'd win.  Well I won!  So I had no choice but to take the plunge into Pavo.  I'm so glad I did.  This wrap is part of the thintini collection.  It is so thin and moldable.  It has such a shimmer you'd swear  there was linen in it.  This is my fancy/elegant wrap and my only complaint is that I'm afraid to wear it half of the time because I'm afraid to get it dirty.

Natibaby Robots 6 Linen/Cotton blend.  My 3.5 year old is obsessed with robots.  I bought this to be his legacy wrap even though he's never been wrapped in it.  It's super soft and floppy.  Before the Pavos came along, this was my prized possession.  I still love it, but it doesn't get as much love as it used to.

Firespiral Bronze Birch Trees 7 Irish linen/cotton blend.  I have a thing for nature-themed wraps (I have owned two Nati Forests, as well as Deers).  I also have a thing for orange and bronze, so when this wrap was released I had to have it.  But I have a love/hate relationship with this wrap.  I love the look and feel of this wrap but hate that it cost me way too much in customs fees on its way over from the UK (the wrap itself wasn't cheap; the customs fees were like adding insult to injury).  I might be holding a grudge against it as I haven't wrapped with it much yet.

Pavo Jaded Hearts 5.  This was an impulse buy.  Pavo released several colourways of Hearts in quick succession during their second round of Hearts releases and they were just sitting there on the Pavo site.  I couldn't just let them sit there.  So I bought Jaded, thinking I needed some green in my stash.  But a 5 is a weird size for me.  It's too small to do a lot of multi pass carries but too big to be a shortie.  So out it goes.

Natibaby Blue Deers 6 Wool blend.  Love this wrap.  I was afraid of wool because it makes me itch, but this wool blend doesn't.  Its so soft and "springy" for lack of a better word.  Great for squishes and bigger babies. 

Natibaby UFO 6 Cotton/Bamboo blend.  I bought this because I wanted to try bamboo.  Plus I was in my loyal Nati phase.  It's soft and shiny but it's not love and I don't reach for it much.  It'll be for sale soon.

Didy Jeans Hemp 7 Hemp/Cotton blend.  This wrap was made on my son's birthday so I bought it to be his legacy wrap.  It is beastly and big and so far I've been too afraid to wrap my squish (well not quite anymore) in it.  I think it will be my toddler wrap as it is super wide.   

Pavo Hearts of Glass RS.  Before I knew Pavo was doing a second release of Hearts, I was desperate for a Hearts wrap.  I really wanted Hearts of Stone but hadn't seen it come up for sale.  When Hearts of Glass came up on the Pavo Society, even though it was the wrong size (a 3) and the wrong colourway, I bought it immediately.    Two days later Hearts of Stone came up so I bought that too.  Since 3 is also an odd size for me, I had this converted to a ringsling by the lovely JoAnn of Blue Hibou.  Now that I've found the Tula love, I'm using my ringsling less and less for quick ups so this will likely be for sale soon too.

India Jani Tiil Blanco ringsling.  Handwoven and super cheap, I bought this to be my summer/beach carrier.

Pavo Taj 7 Cotton/Mercerized Cotton.  My first Pavo stalking and I didn't think I'd actually score.  I did and now I'm stuck with a natty wrap that I'm too afraid to wear (don't want it to get dirty).  I'm sitting on the fence between sending this baby for a colour bath or selling it.  Its BNIB, never even been fully unfolded.

Natural Mother Productions Full Buckle conversion of Natibaby Haven.  When I decided I wanted a WCFB, I knew they were hard to come by.  This came up on the Canadian Swap for a great price so I immediately snatched it up.  Unfortunately, a few days later a wrap conversion Tula in a print that I had always wanted (Didy Chestnut) came up for retail and I managed to nab it.  So now I'm selling this NMP FB.  Its a great carrier that is extremely comfortable.  The straps criss cross for an even more tailored fit.  I really like it, but I really don't need two standard size buckle carriers.


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  1. did you ever put your UFO up for sale?

  2. Hi!
    I know this is an old post, but wondering if you ever sold your Pavo Taj, or if it's still hanging around???

  3. I've been looking for the Pavo Gotham steel everywhere!!! Please let me know if you still have it for sale

  4. Where if you don't mind me asking did you purchase your wraps from. I'm stash jealous