Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Show your support and be entered in to a giveaway!

Show your support for BWA by joining the Friends of Babywearing of Algoma.   Your $30 donation entitles you  to unlimited sling borrowing privileges and a chance to win this wrap scrap teether.   More details below!

Did you know that one of the main reasons the volunteer board formed BWA is so that we could spread the babywearing love in Algoma by making a sling lending library available to parents in our community? One of the biggest barriers facing parents in our area who want to babywear is a lack of available resources.  Local retailers just dont stock a wide variety of carriers.  A sling library allows us to help community members find a carrier that will work best for them by allowing them to try the variety of options that are available from retailers online.  Ideally, a sling library should have a few of each type of carrier available.

BWA's library has grown considerably in the short toime we've been in existence, largely through generous donations from local babywearers and the babywearing retail community.  There are still some areas of our library that are pretty thin and in need of appropriate carriers to round out the library.  We are looking to get a Tula, a size 4, 5, and 7 wrap, and a hemp wrap, to name a few items on our wishlist.  To see what's currently available in our library, check out our sling library facebook page  If there are items you'd be interested in trying that aren't in our library, let us know and we will try to acquire them. 

So how can you help us grow our library?  You can become a member of the Friends of Babywearing of Algoma. A donation of $30 gets you unlimited access to our lending library for one year (otherwise there is a $5admin fee per borrow).  Your $30 donation helps BWA ensure the carriers we have are properly maintained and helps us fund the purchase of additional carriers.  As an added bonus, for the month of March only, if you join the Friends of BWA before the end of the month, you will have a chance to win this hand made wrap scrap teether made by yours truly (Billi Gridale-Briski, BWA Secretary and Blog Manager) made from Girasol Symphuo Rojo DW scrap and a maple ring.

If you join on or before the March meet up (March 23) you get two chances to win!  Already a member of friends of BWA?  Don't worry, we arent forgetting you!  You'll be entered in to the draw too!

So how can you join the Friends of BWA?  Simply send your $30 donation via PayPal to or contact any board member to arrange to pay by cash.

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