Wednesday, 5 March 2014

COTW: Double Hammock

This weeks Carry of the Week is Double Hammock (DH), brought to you by Emily Rivard.

Double Hammock is my all-time favourite way to carry my baby. It is the second back carry I learned and the one that allowed me to fall in love with babywearing. It has a chest pass that helps support weight across your torso and relieve pressure on your shoulders caused by typical ruck-straps.

The most difficult part of DH for me was learning to get the pass up over baby’s bum and high over his back. I found that the pass kept getting caught on his fluffy cloth diaper, and I often felt like a T-rex because my arms just wouldn’t do that. I eventually stumbled across a woman who had experienced similar problems in her early babywearing days who gave me a gem of advice, “use your arms the way that you would to towel off your back after a shower”. That absolutely clicked for me, and I found that my arms could actually do that.

Another common difficulty in mastering DH is getting the chest pass nice and tight. This makes the carry more comfortable and is the key to a great experience. I found that using the short rail as leverage to pull the chest pass tightly all the way through made a big difference.

I’d like to challenge you to try Double Hammock a few times this week. I think that you’ll find it becomes one of your favourite carries as well.

Here are a few of my favourite video tutorials of this carry:

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