Sunday, 16 February 2014

COTW: Kangaroo Carry

Welcome to Carry of the Week, overtired, grumpy baby edition! My name is Megan, and my 11 month old daughter Helen will by my wrapee. She is just learning to walk, and I’m guessing she is about 25 lbs, though we haven’t been weighed in a while.

I’d like to share with you the Kangaroo Carry today (it’s not the same Kangaroo Carry as shown in the Moby instructions).  It’s a great carry for sleepy babies as you can unwrap easily and hopefully transfer to bed with minimal fuss, though Helen won't even let me loosen knots without stirring. Its a good front carry that can be done with a whole range of wrap lengths, usually base size-2 and up, depending on how much reinforcing and tail you mind dealing with (base for most people is what you double hammock in, or Front Wrap Cross Carry in).  Actually just follow this link if you want to know more:   I just squeezed it in using my Lila Hemp Indio, which is a long size 2. Sorry about the awkward selfies!

Photo courtesy of Meg Deresti

Here is the pass sequence:  With the middle marker at center of baby's back, create kangaroo/ruck pass on your front. Flip rails at shoulders (bring outside rail over the other rail toward neck which will create the right tension in the rails). Cross in back, tighten, tighten, tighten and tie under bum. If using a longer wrap, reinforce under bum and tie at your back.

Photo courtesy of Meg Deresti

My two favourite tutorials are linked below.

Babywearing Faith:

        -I like her extra tips and tricks for getting things extra tight

Wrapping Rachel:

        -She describes how to use up length in a longer wrap

Photo courtesy of Meg Deresti

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