Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Stash Monday:Jo Ann's Stash

Hello! My name is Jo, and I'm a self proclaimed wrap addict. Today I'm giving you a glimpse of my personal stash. Since I can't decide the order to put them in, I'll go in descending order of size.

First up is a size 6 Oscha Shui Long Celandine, 40% cotton, 40% silk, 20% linen. This is a beautiful grippy, soft, floppy, broken in wrap. I don't use this much anymore because its so long, but I love dragons! So it stays mostly folded in my sewing room for now. It’s a dye blank, so I may have to shorten and dye it this summer if I can’t find another set of dragons I like in a shorter wrap.

Next is also a 6, a Pavo Penumbra Lunar, 100% cotton. Another beautiful wrap that I haven't wrapped with more than a couple times. I got it at the same time as another 6 that I used extensively, so this one was not used much.

Size 5 Oscha Raja Brigid, 50% linen, 50% cotton. This wrap landed last week and I love it. It came at the same time my son outgrew his standard Tula, so its had quite a bit of use already and is breaking in nicely. I intended to convert this into a full buckle carrier, but now I'm not so sure... it may stay as our summer wrap.

Size 4 MoMB Wraps Handwoven Doctor Who Season 12.5, 100% cotton, named Nerva by the weaver, who is also a Doctor Who fan. This is a semi custom, part of a group of 7 wraps, each unique, inspired by the Doctor Who TV series season 12.5 scarf. If you're not familiar with Doctor Who, each season has the main character's scarf changing, stretching and losing stripes from events in the episodes. My husband is a fan of Doctor Who, so when the chance came up to get in with a group of mom's to get a wrap made into a season's scarf pattern, I jumped on it. Nerva still needs breaking in. She’s thick, cushy on the shoulders and is instant cuddly sleepiness for my son. Its definitely permastash!

Size 3 Oscha Rei Romeo, 46% bamboo, 54% cotton. This is also permastash. Romeo lives in my truck and he’s my go to wrap for shopping and quick trips around town, getting the most up and down use of all my wraps. I love this wrap for a few reasons. First (and the reason it's permastash) is our German Shepherd's name is Romeo and he's our son's best pal. He sleeps in his room if we leave the door open and he lets our son crawl all over him, loving him up. Second is it's buttery softness and amazing ease of wrapping with it. Its also very thin but supportive. When Oscha came out with this wrap, I wasn't quick enough to grab one from their stocking. A few months later I was lucky enough to find a mama selling one for what she paid for it. So yeah, its in the keeper category!

Size 1 Didymos Indio, 100% cotton, blue and white, fringed. This is an old wrap. I have no idea how old and the previous owner wasn't sure either. It popped up on a swap and I bought it for interest sake because it was super cheap and old. Its wicked short (88 inches or 2 meters) and I haven't wrapped with it yet because of that. Its also narrow at 24”, typical of older wraps I've been told. It makes a great scarf though!

And that's it! Sort of, but not really. In addition to being a wrap addict, I'm also a compulsive churner. All these nasty habits! ;) My personal stash fluctuates a bit from time to time, but this is the snapshot this week!

Photo courtesy of Jo Ann Bonnick

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