Friday, 14 February 2014

Feature Friday: Babywearing Safety

Last week we highlighted all of the wonderful benefits of wearing your baby.  This week we want to focus on the importance of wearing your baby safely.  Whether you are wearing a newborn or an older infant, whether in a sling, wrap, or buckle carrier, there are a number of important safety precautions of which we should always be aware.

1.  T.I.C.K.S.  The School of Babywearing has developed the acronym "T.I.C.K.S" to remind us of some of the fundamental safety precautions when babywearing:  Fabric should be Tight; Baby's face must be in view at all times; ensure baby's chin is off chest; baby's head should be close enough to kiss; and baby's back should always be supported in its natural position.  For more on T.I.C.K.S. visit the School of Babywearing's site at:

Photo courtesy of Debbie Vanderloo

2.  Inspect your carrier.  Inspect your carrier to be sure that it is safe before each use.  Check the seams, buckles, fasteners, etc., to ensure that it is in perfect working condition.

3.  Consider what's within baby's reach.  Depending on where you have baby situated on your body, be mindful of what items will be within his reach.  Ensure all sharp or otherwise dangerous objects are stowed safely away from those reaching hands.  Also be mindful of baby's location in relation to your surroundings - ceilings, door frames, etc., can become hazards when you aren't aware of the distance between them and baby.    

Photo courtesy of Debbie Vanderloo

4.  Avoid activities that come with increased risk of falls.   These activities include climbing a ladder, riding a horse or bicycle, running, and moving on a slippery surface.  Remember, when wearing your baby, your centre of gravity is off.  Something that seems easy for your to do when you are unencumbered by baby becomes much more difficult when there is 20 or 30 lbs of baby hanging off your body.

5.  Support baby with arms when leaning or bending over.  This ensures baby's position doesn't shift and he doesn't slip out of the carrier.

Photo courtesy of Jocelyn Orr

For more information on wearing your baby safely, please visit the follow links:

Wear safely and carry on!

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