Tuesday, 11 February 2014

My Stash Monday: Tuesday Edition!

Each week we will feature a Babywearing of Algoma member's stash.  If you are interested in sharing your stash on the blog, please email us!

Thanks to Emily Rivard for this weeks MSM.


Hi, my name is Emily and I carry two babies - 10 month old, Liam and 2.5 year old Kai. Today I’d like to introduce you to my stash of baby carriers. My stash is pretty minimalistic. I have a ring sling, mei tai, a woven wrap that I made myself, and a size 6 Didymos Second Time Travel.

My ring sling lives in the car and is used primarily for quick trips to stores that don’t have carts. It is perfect for tiny babies (which I no longer have), but I find that my shoulder gets sore if I have to use it for my 40lb toddler for more than 20 minutes or so.

My mei tai has become my daddy-carrier. My husband prefers to use it to carry Kai while I wrap Liam. If we each take a baby while grocery shopping it’s almost like we’re there alone! Mei tai’s are a great option for those wanting to babywear but intimidated by wrapping. It was definitely my gateway carrier.

My DIY woven wrap is made of a very thin woven upholstery cotton (not osnaburg - which is what I thought it was when I purchased it), and is a little bit longer than a size 6. I don’t use it often since
I find it digs into my shoulders and it’s difficult to tighten. It stays in my basement as my emergency carrier.

Finally, the love of my life, my size 6 Didymos Second Time Travel. This is our everyday carrier and gets the most use. I love the versatility of the wrap - I’m able to do front carries, hip carries, and back carries with it. Of all my carriers, it is the only one that I can use to comfortable carry Kai for several hours. The learning curve was definitely worth it.

Thank you for taking a peek at my stash today!

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