Monday, 10 February 2014

Carry of the Week: Reinforced Ruck with Knotless Finish

Each week we will feature a new carry for all to try.  Usually these will be released on Sunday but this week some of us had sick kiddos and other challenges so we are a bit behind on things.
My name is Stephanie, and the itty bitty you see is Olivia. 
Today we're going to feature a Reinforced Ruck With A Knotless Finish!  The reason we do this carry so often around here is, in all honesty, for it's speed - getting Liv up and happy is time specific. We babywear primarily to make momma and baby happy; Olivia still wants to be carried, and so we do. 
I am using a size 5 woven wrap (Kokadi Erna im Wunderland) in these photos.
This carry can EASILY be done with a shorter wrap if you don't want to reinforce your ruck (ie. make another pass).  It's a matter of personal preference - I like to do a reinforcing pass because I like the security. Olivia likes to wiggle and pop her seat, so those extra passes mean that she poses no risk of falling or loosening the carry.
The reason I chose a knotless finish is because I think it's important to showcase the ease with which wrapping can be done. The fabric itself is sturdy and grippy - if you tie properly, and safely - you do not need to make knots with your fabric. I also like the knotless finish for ease of dismount; once Olivia has decided she wants to walk or run, it's again time specific, and in her mind fairly urgent! 
I leave you today with this link: & a few silly photos of us! 

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