Tuesday, 6 May 2014

CoTW: Double Rebozo with Shoulder to Shoulder chest belt (DRS2S)

By Meg Deresti

I love chest belts lately. I like that the weight is distributed up high, and that it's not concentrated on my shoulders. It can be done with base-2, base, or base+1. I use my size 4 wrap generally for this one which is my base-1 for me. For these pictures I’ll use the Wrapsody Breeze Freya, size 5, which is a gauze wrap that is part of our lending library. The gauze is fantastic for the summer, and if you wrap carefully, it can be great for babies of all sizes. It can be diggy though if the slack isn’t worked out, so it's a great tool for ensuring proper wrapping technique!

There are two versions of this carry. The one I would recommend to beginners starts with a half knot at the chest which is great for getting the carry somewhat secure before working on the rest of the passes. I admit though, it can get somewhat confusing which end goes where! Particularly if your wrap doesn’t have contrasting sides. This video also shows versions that can be done with shorter wraps.

Pass Sequence:

The middle marker will land at center of chest, with longer tail over shoulder, create rebozo pass around baby, tie half-knot at chest with long tail first going over short tail.  Flip longer tail up over opposite shoulder and form another rebozo pass, then bring tail over chestbelt, then down through it to form another half-knot.  With a short wrap, you can stop there, or bring ends around to tie under bottom or in front.

The version I prefer, which isn’t much more difficult, does not start with a half knot.  I find it more symmetrical and easier to plan my passes. Its also a touch comfier.

Pass Sequence:

With long tail over one shoulder, form rebozo pass, then bring shorter tail over longer one to form an anchor point, and pin short tail between knees. Flip longer tail up over shoulder and form rebozo pass.  Bring tail under chest pass, then bring both tails back around to tie under bottom or tie in front.

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