Friday, 31 January 2014


Welcome to the Babywearing of Algoma Blog!

Babywearing of Algoma (BWA) was born in 2013 when a group of parents in the Algoma Region of Northern Ontario decided to share their love of babywearing with the rest of the community.  What started as a small group of parents "geeking out" at eachothers' homes once a month has grown into a more formal group that has a governing board, a lending library, an online presence, and a growing membership!

The BWA blog will be a place for all those who are interested in babywearing to read about all things babywearing including how to's, do's and don'ts, seasonal babywearing, b/s/t'ing and much more.  Each week we will feature a new carry of the week (COTW) with detailed instructions and links to videos so we can all expand our carry repertoire.

Whether you are an experienced babywearer or someone who is new to the world of babywearing, we encourage you to read our blog, join our Facebook group, and come out to one of our meetings.  We are an open and friendly group who would love to help you find your first carrier, learn your first back carry, or just enjoy some babywearing geekary with you.

Our blog is still under construction so check back regularly for new posts and added features.  Our next post will focus on the benefits of babywearing.  Until then, carry on!

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